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DATE hosiery 



At present, albeit in different textures and shapes of stockings have a long history. The first written sources, heseidos ancient Greek poet (8th century BC.) Animal hair, knitted lining of shoe (Pilon) mentioned. Also in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, the (20th century BC), a commentary on knitting socks. 


Romans in the legs, ankles and leather or fabric strips sararlardı legs. For the first time (İ.S.2.yy.) a fabric, felt, or there is some kind of animal fur is cut and sewn and flexible use of a sock. HR 3 tombs in ancient Egypt was knitting socks dated to between the 6th century. 


The first type of socks benzemezlerdi today. Leather or wool fabric that is sewn in the shape of the foot, followed birleştirilirdi pants. Over time, left the style of clothing than the part below the knee and the index above the fabric inceldi yıllarlın differentiated until the early 1500s the socks and pants at the end of the procedure continued to be used separately as a commodity başlanıldı.Ticari 13th century in Paris, began to produce knitwear. Than ever, the work done at home knitting knitting 1366'da first lodge in Paris in kurulmuştur.1514 knitting, crafts locasından is one of the six most important. 




16th century until the end of the hose örgüsüydü hand. The first sock knitting machine made in England in 1589. Nottinhamshire living in the village of Calverton, near the British priest, invented by William Lee, hand and foot-operated machine, the first knitting machine and then began to produce socks. Lee, the invention lies in a romantic love story with a poor girl in love with Lee, whom he met at Cambridge University student, wants to establish immediately. But her fiance, to knit socks from the house to support night after night. Lee, for her lover to get rid of hard work following hand movements, develop faster technique of knitting socks properly. "Why one loop in a move being taken? The order may be able to finish all at the same time," the opinion of Lee, at the same time there are more ways than one before you can loop But before you can use knitting stitches tığlarla finger was used. To do this, Lee thought hooked needle machine. At the end of the invention, developed a combination of metal-wood construction, but 6 times faster than the hand loom production yapılabiliniyordu .. 8 atabiliyordu.Bu inç'te silk yarn loops for wool, but for the matches kabaydı.Lee-to 'the invention of knitting technology basis for today. Her legs be very rude. 


Lee will continue the work he is stubborn and a new type of silk is too thin to be used in machine 20 stitches tasarlar.Yeni inch'te machine patent application is atabilmektedir.Tekrar .. But answer manual workers sense will aynıdır.Kraliçe knitting material damage, will increase unemployment and refuses to give the monopolization of the institutions that will lead to a patent. 


So the man's brother Lee is trying to develop the economy of France King IV. Complying with the invitation and fixed Henrri'nin Rouen in France. Loom socks are produced for 8 years. Adopted by the king of France and the patent for the machine to Lee, February 16 1612'de sock knitting machines for the production of the first performances Pierre de Caux's commercial contract yaptı.Böylece socks machine made in France. Lee on the final document in writing, dated 1615 in Rouen itself that the person is engaged in knitting stockings and French vesikasıdır. 


France, Germany and Saxony on the death of the last workers and some of Lee's brother, allegedly returned to England in the UK has to monopolize the production of machine hose machine stockings .. UK properties so learning and establishing a company in 1656 managed to keep its monopoly on the manufacture of machinery Jean Hindret'e. 


Although the production of socks, although the invention followed Lee's speed, especially the elite Europeans kazandırmıyor stones decorated with handmade lace and silk stockings to be used for many years. 

After Lee's sock knitting technique to stay one hundred years of development carried out for the gerekti.18.yy ilelemelerin most important of all from the house, named inventor JedediahStrutt.Strutt: Lee's work on machine tools, the machines can weave ribli used the additional apparatus. As a result, it was more flexible and knitted to forna bacağısaran. Strutt and three partners received a patent for their invention. (1759). They are rich revenues will olasa Development yavaşda olamlarını saqğlamıştı machine .. they produce, were "Deby rib" tanındı.ve socks once produced a popular machines. 



Lee's machine countertops development in the second half of the 19th century Paget iron, 1864, William Cotton invented the weft and weave back and forth, throwing the lever machines are available in flat machine .. Cotton and satisfy the launching system is no longer used in the machine system. Parts of this machine consists of 100-150000 tons of socks and a mixture of a dozen örebilmekteydi.Cotton konumlandırılmıştı deyil vertical horizontal machine needles in the past. 


Industrial PROCESS. 


Seamless hosiery machines are built around 19 th century development ortalarındad .. This is the number of stitches when knitting socks continued for nearly 100 years to increase or azalmadığından to produce in the form of straight pipe. 


Top of industry specific 19th century, for the socks, the factories have the capacity to produce large amounts of production and exports began to be .. The main center of Nottingham in England, France, Germany, Chemnitz had .. In addition, voice production is silk stockings idi.tabi stated that the production, the place is very important in overall consumption, especially in rural areas people need deyildi.Doğaldır socks knitted socks karşılanacaktı home for many years. 




Stockings 20th century PROCESS TECHNOLOGY "NYLON" USE 




Dilimiydi groundbreaking 20th century when a lot of innovation: on February 28, 1935 in Wilmington (Delaware, USA) in Chemical Industry Association of America EIDu Pont of Nemours & Co.. Research director Dr Wallece Hume Carothers, the fibers developed Nayla first time. 


chemical point of nylon, amides and the equivalent units linked by condensation polymer is generally formed of nylon polyamide and other things like that as a point of edilmiştir.Tarihsil deyildi.Bu, totally organic materials (carbon, water and air) produced the first synthetic fiber was. Nylon and adipsin acids result from the chemical polykondensasyon ediliyordu.En Hexamethylendiamin elements version also commonly used, also known as nylon 66 or nylon PA66 is 6.6. "Nylon" synthetic fibers now mostly nylon produced with the idea that every place mentioned by reference "" It was believed (to London) quotes to be true .. but in deyildir.1940 w.Eckelberry John Dupont Chemical Industry Association, "NY" (New York) and "Lon Nyl" a syllable of those selected and the "front" ekininise but other fibers are used for. "Cotton" to extend etmişti.1978 made on the origin of the name calling Dupont "NoRun" to explain to customers because the product was probably instilled in continuous loop on the false claim edilmemeliydi.Ancak fear of legal disputes originates from the name "nylon" Based on değiştirilmişti.Buradan as "nylon" as another explanation for the name of the inventor of the subject on which the success of fiber bulunarak atıfat Wallece Carothers'un "Now you Losy Old Nipponese" was a treatise on forward the slogan of the celebration. Accordingly, in the name of Japan's natural ipeğiylerekabet be finally able to enter into the development and happiness are valuable synthetic fibers also wish to emphasize the edilmişti.Ancak fiber "nylon" name after it acquired Carothers died of an anecdote in pieces molması çürütmektedir.1920 'young woman's skirt was shortened giyisilerinilerinin seen after the legs and their socks or stockings worn silk artificial silk made of transparent .. adilmekte During this period, and at the top of the thigh sonlanmaktaydı.1930 's on the nylon used in the manufacture of stockings after başlandı.Butarihten women's wear nylon stockings, now part of a constant popülaritelerini 1960, which lasted until Lara. 


Just a few years after the development of new materials in Wilmington in the first hose edilmişti.Ticari Naylon'dan placed on the market as very successful in 4000 that naylomn socks doğmuştu.Üç hours. satılmıştı.ABD double that fell in May 1940 on the real nylon konjöktürü çıkmıştı.15 four million pairs of nylon stockings in four days this miracle satılmıştı.Kadınlar sock exploitation everywhere. In the form of layers produced by combining the back-stitched nylon stockings nylons very sexy, period, actresses and was enthroned by association .. but with the outbreak of World War II, everything was suddenly turned upside down and began to be used with nylon manufacturing nylon stockings for the army needs women can not get a break period başladı.Dikişli stockings nylons legs being able to look behind the coal seam from top to bottom, and eye pencil on a separate line çizmesiyse anecdotal. 


Pantyhose for the first time in America, and North Carolina have been invented in 1959, Allen Gant Senior tarfından by Glen Raven Mills, the company reduced forest üretilmiştir.Geliştirilen circular machines and hand işçiliğni .. Seamless stockings make hemde as Glen Raven Mills building Company, 1965 The first seamless tights and stockings in this market together the past sürmüştür.Külot clothes attracted great interest and mini skirt, especially a large spread rapidly in the 1960s with old-fashioned nylon stockings and garter corset occurred .. Pantyhose stockings are spread as a result of reduced use. spandex tights to the invention or the same period Elastan'ın more comfortable making user-friendly and stylish. 

Currently, there are a lot of the socks in the increased use of modal and lycra. 


What is Lycra? 

Discovered in 1959, and the textile industry moved from the root Dupont lycra, the flexibility of consumer convenience, and freedom of movement is recognized. Chemist Joe Shiver lycra'yı keşfetmeseydi, ankle socks collection, corsets, crushed, bollaşan swimsuits, clothes hanging from the sport unhappy, insecure and would be uncomfortable. 

Today Lycra garments, leather, shoes, socks, swimwear and active is widely used in wear-bikinis.Gianfranco Karan'dan Donna Ferré'ye, Ermenegildo Zegna'dan Nicole Miller, one of the leading fashion designers the world fashion trends lycra'nın major impact on its use, he says. 

Elestan What? 

Capable of high fiber extension types elastomers (elastic) are classified as fiber. Elastomeric fibers, very high extension at break (400-800%) and shows that breaking point and quickly restore full rotation uzamalarda fibers. Currently, the use of elastomeric fibers spread over a wide area, cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide fibers are produced with a mixture of elastomeric fibers sweater, socks and underwear that day extension, Rubber (elastodyen) anidex elastomeric fibers, such as , although also on the market that allows the spread of fiber elastomeric polyurethane fibers. 
Elastomeric fibers, composed of molecular chain network and amorphous regions of high cross-ties combined. 
Strain in amorphous regions of this structure is more and more focused on crystals. Will be extended, move more molecules in the structure of cross connections on to sınırlayıncaya. If this point, the more force applied, elastomeric fibers, composed and extension of the reduction properties of the molecular changes that occur. 

What is Modal? 

What is Modal? 

Transfer regenerated Lenzing party-produced by the Austrian firm 

A cellulose fiber-based brand. Produced beech modal age, completely natural, 

dry fiber of a type of high. Highly resistant against abrasion. Moisture 

The transfer characteristic is very good. Modal yarn knitted or woven fabrics, soft touch 

features. Very damp due to the transfer characteristic, hot humid climates like, even in the comfort of clothing 


Regenerated cellulose-based thermoplastic properties and because of the lack of training 

The behavior is similar to cotton during processing elyafına. While natural whiteness 

Due to the forecast, mercerization process is required. 


There is comfort and aesthetics, brightness and naturalness of textile products are looking better. 

Some areas of the user; 

• T-Shirts 

• Socks 

• Sports clothing 

• other knitted and woven textile products 

• Sheets 

ДАТА чулочно-носочные изделия 

По отраслям 


В настоящее время, хотя и в различной фактуры и формы чулки 
давнюю историю. Первые письменные источники, heseidos древнегреческий поэт (8-е 
до н.э.). Волос животных, трикотажные подкладки обуви (Пилон) упоминается.Также 
в Анатолии и Месопотамии, (20 век до н.э.), комментарий 
вязания носков. 


Римляне в ноги, лодыжки и кожи или ткани полосы sararlardı ноги. 
В первый раз (İ.S.2.yy.) ткани, войлока, или есть какой-то 
шерсть животных режется и швейные и гибкого использования носок. HR 3 гробниц в 
Древнем Египте вязала носки датируется между 6-м веке. 


Первый тип носки benzemezlerdi сегодня. Кожа или шерстяной ткани, что 
сшит в форме ноги, а затем birleştirilirdi штаны. Более 
время, слева стиль одежды, чем часть ниже колена и 
Индекс выше yıllarlın inceldi ткани дифференцированные пока рано 
1500 носки и брюки в конце процедуры прежнему 
использоваться отдельно в качестве товара başlanıldı.Ticari 13-го века в Париже, 
начали производить трикотаж. Чем когда-либо, работа на дому вязание 
вязание 1366'da первой поселиться в Париже в kurulmuştur.1514 вязание, 
ремесел locasından является одним из шести наиболее важных. 


Первая машина 


До 16-го века концу стороны örgüsüydü шланга. Первый 
машина носка сделал в Англии в 1589 году. Nottinhamshire, проживающих в 
Деревня Калвертон, рядом с Британским священник, изобрел Уильям 
Ли, по рукам и ногам управлением машины, первая машина, а затем 
начали производить носки. Ли, изобретения заключается в романтической истории любви 
с бедной девушке в любви с Ли, с которыми он встречался в Кембриджском университете 
студент, хочет установить сразу. Но ее жених, вязать носки 
от дома к поддержке ночь за ночью. Ли, для своего возлюбленного, чтобы получить 
избавиться от тяжелой работы следующие движения рук, развиваться быстрее техника 
вязания носков правильно. 

то же время Есть более чем один путь, прежде чем вы можете цикла. Но прежде, чем 
Вы можете использовать вязание стежков tığlarla палец был использован. Для этого, Ли 
мысли подключили машину иглы. В конце изобретение, разработанное 
Сочетание металлических конструкций, древесины, но в 6 раз быстрее, чем руки 
ткацкий станок производства yapılabiliniyordu .. 8 atabiliyordu.Bu inç'te шелковой пряжи 
петли для шерсти, но на матчи kabaydı.Lee-на "изобретение 
вязание технологической базы на сегодняшний день. Ноги очень грубо. 


Ли будет продолжать работу, которую он упрям ​​и новый тип шелка 
слишком тонкая для использования в машине 20 стежков tasarlar.Yeni inch'te 
применение машины патент atabilmektedir.Tekrar .. Но ответ руководство 
работников смысле будет aynıdır.Kraliçe вязание материальный ущерб, будет 
повышению уровня безработицы и отказывается дать монополизации 
учреждений, что приведет к патент. 


Так брат человека Ли пытается развивать экономику 
Король Франции IV. Соблюдение приглашение и фиксированной Henrri'nin Руан 
во Франции. Тень носков производится в течение 8 лет. Принята царя 
Франция и патент на машину с Ли, 16 февраля 1612'de носок 
машины для производства первых выступлений Пьер де 
коммерческий контракт Ко's yaptı.Böylece носки машина производства Франции. 
Ли на заключительный документ в письменной форме, датировано 1615 в Руане в том, что 
лицо занимается вязанием чулок и французском vesikasıdır. 


Франции, Германии и Саксонии по смерти последнего рабочих и 
некоторые из брат Ли, якобы вернулся в Англию в Великобритании в 
монополизировать производство чулки машина шланга машины ..Великобритания 
свойства так обучения и создания компании в 1656 году удалось сохранить 
свою монополию на производство машин Жан Hindret'e. 


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